Monday, 22 June 2015

Old no.73 2nd main road

Title: Old no.73
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 24 in x 30 in
Year: 2015
Thought I'd give you access to 'Behind the scenes' of this latest painting of mine :)

What began as an experiment in Tromp de l'oeil, ended up being an entire set of memories captured within this two-dimensional space.

Initially I wanted to fill the entire canvas with droplets. However, when I started working on the background, I loved the feel it gave; that of an old worn out wall. Then, my ant inevitably crept in.

It is highly imperative for an old wall to have a crack. I introduced cracks here and there. Nothing was pre-planned. I reacted to the canvas. Just follow your heart!

I felt that the painting needed an antique element added to it. With my fascination for unlocking ideas and thoughts, I introduced a key.

Subconsciously, I love a neutral colour palette, that of browns mostly. So, I was consciously trying to introduce brighter colours through the addition of moss and worn out paint effect.

I reached a plateau. I knew something was missing but did not know what. So, I put away my painting in the store room for days. Today, when I took a look at it, it made me feel nostalgic about something from childhood which was lost. After several hours of just sitting and staring at it trying to decipher it, I finally found the missing element. The memories from 73 2nd main road! My Dad's paternal house.

The house has been demolished and re-built into an apartment complex and pretty much put a full stop to those times. I have no connection to what it is now and hence the question mark.

The Tamil abbreviation stands for 'Palaiya en' or 'Old number'. Therefore, I aptly call this work 'Old no.73'.

The key is a tool used to tap into your memories. There is no actual door visible as that house no longer exists.

The painting finally settled! It was time to put the finishing touch to it.

I present to you my latest painting, 'Old no. 73'.

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