Thursday, 12 February 2015

Week 2 - Your first still life!

You  need not sketch this image. You can set up your own still life at home. Just use any solid coloured cloth as background, drape it on a chair. Place a bowl (if you want to place one) and some fruits. 
Loosen up your arm and look at your still-life with eyes half closed. Roughly draw the outlines without applying much pressure on your paper/support. (We are going to start learning new words as days go by)

Support : The actual material or surface on which a painting is created, most usually paper, canvas, or a wooden panel.

We have not dealt with colours yet. If you would like to experiment with different mediums, you can do so. 

Medium : Medium is what is used to draw. For simple sketches it would be pencil. If you like sculpting it would be clay. if you like painting it would be paint. So, a 2B pencil, a pen, colour pencils, oil pastels, dry pastels, tempera, oil paint, acrylic paint, water colour are various mediums you can use. 

So, as I was saying, we will deal with the various mediums slowly, later on. Today, you decide which medium you choose to use. 

With your outline in place, start shading. Imagine your are shading on the object and think how your pencil/pen will move over it, will it be flat and straight or will it curve? Take your time. I am giving you a week's time to complete the sketch from scratch. We will analyse the final work next week. 

Here I have done a very light outline, just blocking out the square format and placing the fruit bowl with quick strokes. You can correct the lines as you move forward.
Next I have softly marked out the drapery lines. As mentioned before, if you are off by an inch or by a couple of centimeters, it doesn't matter, we will correct it later.
While sketching the fruits, I lost my focus for a bit and just went on to sketch what my mind saw and not what my eyes saw. Note the bunch of grapes which are far from the bowl. The actual still life shows that it is closer to the bowl.
Since I have sketched it light, we can go over it and rework it. Am not using any eraser.
Notice how I have re-sketched over the 'misplaced' grapes. Then I proceed to blocking out the major areas of dark and light. With the basic drawing done, you can take your time to work on the detailed shading.

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