Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Fine Art America - prints available online

A lot has happened this past week! I have loaded my paintings, sketches, scribbles online at fineartamerica.com.

Depending on where you are, access the following domains accordingly:

USA : fineartamerica.com/profiles/seemab-zaheera.html
International : fineartinternational.com/profiles/seemab-zaheera.html
Europe : finearteurope.com/profiles/seemab-zaheera.html
England: fineartengland.com/profiles/seemab-zaheera.html
North America : fineartnorthamerica.com/profiles/seemab-zaheera.html
Germany : fineartgermany.com/profiles/seemab-zaheera.html
The parent website : pixels.com/profiles/seemab-zaheera.html

Depending on where you are ordering from, there are at times additional options. For eg, in the US site, you can order Prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, duvets, iphone Case. However, on pixels.com you also get the option for a Galaxy case.

 Lady in Blue

I will be updating the list of images online every week as per its popularity. Five images will be replaced each week.

You can customise the sizes and also drag the image to see which best fits the product of your choice. With regards to phone cases, you have the option to flip the phone horizontal/vertical. Play around with the options and see which best suits your liking and add to your shopping cart! It is as simple as that.

Please note, I have only submitted my designs to the site. The production is being handled by Fine Art America. If there are any discrepancies in your order, please contact the site. If you have any requests for another colour option or subject matter, you can email me via the website, comment on my blog or message me on my facebook page :)

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