Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Day 6 - Hatching : nothing to do with eggs :D


Hatching is a series of straight or curved lines, drawn beside one another to give variations in light and dark. Depending on the shading effects you want, you can make the individual lines in hatching sets far apart or close together. 
While sketching this portrait, I have predominantly used the hatching technique.


Crosshatching is basically sketching with criss-cross lines. One set of hatching lines will overlap another set.
Remember the first sketch of dried leaf which I shared with you? This is a close up of the back of the leaf. Note the cross hatching used to shade. 

Stippling is the creation of light and dark by using varying amounts of dots instead of lines.
Stippling exercise done in college
Scumbling/Random Mark
This is basically what you did on day one. Remember you had randomly scribbled away. Going over your scribbling makes areas darker. 
The underside of the leaf has been sketched using the scumbling technique, the shadow of the leaf on the floor has been done using the hatching technique.

Try playing around with the different kinds of shading. Over time, you will lean towards one or more of the techniques. 

More on next! Ciao!

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