Thursday, 29 January 2015

Why I'm blogging!

Dear creative souls, (yes I'm talking to you)

So you think you are not creative, well guess what, so do most of the people on earth! Fact is, we were all born creative but as we started growing up, we have been conditioned and have conditioned ourselves to stop thinking outside the box and are happily cushioned within it, with our flat screens and our smart phones and all the thingamajigs! So, it's time we went back digging inside our brains and kiss sleeping beauty awake!

I paint, for fun, you know... the whole art for art sake and am very much part of the 'I shall not sell my soul to commercialism!' movement. Ok! Stop laughing! There really are people like me who sketch or paint or create for the sake of creation as it is just simply so much fun... if you only knew!

I recently found out, that most have no clue how to wake up their inner Sleeping Beauty! (we shall refer to her as SB from now on :) )

Step 1 is really simple. You know that little voice at the back of your head which tells you why you should not do most of the things that you want to do??? Find a way to shut it up.

You are already half way there to waking up SB!

Step 2 is also darned easy. You have been doing this step all your life subconsciously. It is time for you to be a wee bit more conscious. I'm assuming if you are reading this blog, you can see. Well it is time you started using those eyes of yours. Don't just glance hither thither, really look around you. Observe, comprehend, register. Use your very own built-in High-Res Camera, your eyes, to capture images in your head.

Step 3 is like riding a bike. I was always super scared to ride a bicycle. With practice, it was just a matter of understanding the basic principal, pedal faster for better balance! Sketching is a lot like riding a bike. Be confident of pedaling (or in this case your lines) and you will reach your destination in a more comfortable ride.

Once you get a hold of the above three steps, what happens is you arrive at your signature style, with experience. What you sketch can be clearly identified as yours and the feeling that you get is probably what Buddha called Enlightenment.

Since I feel as though I'm almost THERE (under the Bodhi tree), I thought I'd share what I know hoping that you might get THERE as well :D

More on next!

Keep scribbling!


  1. Well written. I like the bicycle analogy.
    Awesome start.... Keep Blogging! Cheers.